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Alternative Business Structures

Alternative business structures (ABS) need to invest in the right technology solutions that support their specific structure and goals. Advanced Legal solutions can be tailored for the business structure of any ABS, and we focus on addressing the key technology needs that your business demands.

Firm Management

Key to managing the firm as a business is the ability to set budgets and Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s) and then capture, report, measure and track them across all aspects of the firm including departments, branches and practice areas. Managing positive cash-flow with an automated system that enables firms to streamline bill to cash processes and manage the debtor process efficiently becomes a central pillar of success.


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Effective Marketing & Client Engagement

Relationships are, and will remain, an important part of a law firm practice. However, clients are accustomed to doing more activities online and technology such as Advanced Legal’s ‘Client Self Service’ solution enables firms to engage with clients online via a secure shared area where they can exchange documents, review and pay bills, update information, and track progress on a case.

Practice Efficiency

Much of practising law involves document generation and procedures and lends itself well to workflow based case management systems. Work-flow and document generation solutions can be tailored to deliver efficiency and competitive advantage for any ABS and will provide a key competitive advantage.


The right technology solution will enable an ABS to introduce automation thus reducing the risk of non-compliance whether this is in their client intake and matter inception process or the wider business. It is therefore important that these tools enable them to translate their risk management policy into actionable items which can be monitored and tracked and which demonstrate compliance, or, alert where non-compliance occurs.

Online and Mobile

ABS’s will need to establish a greater online presence and ensure their workforces can remain effective when away from the office. The right technology choice has to not only enable access to diaries and email but also full case and matter detail and time recording.

Single Integrated Platform

A single integrated platform that provides rich functionality across all the functional areas is a must when choosing the right technology solution. Systems such as Advanced Legal’s ALB platform are built with an integrated practice and case management system at their core, enabling ABS’s to be truly efficient. Not having to re-enter data, maintain data integrity and be able to run workflows and report across all areas then becomes part of the integrated solution.

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