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Hosted Services

Hosted or cloud services should be considered as part of your business continuity plan. With this your applications and data are hosted externally at a secure data centre, which is accessed via an internet connection.

Work anywhere, anytime

As long as your staff have access to a PC or laptop, they’ll be able to log in and work in exactly the same way as if they were based in the office. It provides real-time data protection to ensure immediate continuity of your business in any event.

Disaster? Just keep working

Going hosted ensures that your critical business functions will be available without stoppage, even in adverse circumstances, events or disruption. A hosted solution allows you to maintain service, consistency and recoverability when the worst happens. It is a comprehensive approach to making sure you can keep your business flourishing in any circumstances.

What can Advanced Legal offer?

A fully managed service, including hardware, software, infrastructure, security, support. Delivered via Internet / browser application / thin client / anywhere access / broadband. Payment by subscription, per user, per month or by software usage depending on what you need.

Ten good reasons to go hosted

1. Reduced costs
You do not have to invest in servers, software, security tools, system upgrades or backup facilities; it should all be included in your monthly fee.

2. Application management
Are you running the latest software version? You don't have to worry about installation, upgrades or technical troubleshooting with respect to the hosted software, it is done for you.

3. Data security
Does the hosting supplier offer automatic backup of data as well as real time monitoring of the network for security threats, protecting against hackers, viruses and other malware?

4. Anywhere, any time access
Access your applications from any place and at any time, from any online connection.

5. Other devices
The ability for you to synchronise your email and diary with your mobile devices including Windows Mobile, iPhone, iPad, Blackberry or PDA is possible with a hosted solution.


6. Collaboration
Collaborate in real time with other users despite being geographically dispersed.

7. Scalability
Easily scale up (or down) user numbers and applications as your business needs change.

8. IT support costs
Can remove the cost of local dedicated IT management personnel.

9. Enhanced performance
Ensure your applications are run on the latest high performance equipment, this ensures that there is virtually no downtime with respect to the server access.

10. Bespoke solutions tailored for your unique business needs
Can the hosting provider help you host additional software, not just your core products? Also, can their installation and migration plans be specifically designed to your business needs?

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Hosted options are available for many Advanced Legal products


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