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With IT hardware and software changing so fast, it is more and more difficult to ensure that your practice has the most appropriate IT infrastructure in place to enable it to run as efficiently as it can and deliver improved levels of service to clients, fee earners and other users.

Advanced Legal provides another way to access functionally rich software using Hosted Services, with which your practice can enjoy the benefits of the latest technology without heavy investment upfront and can achieve substantial business efficiencies as a result.

What’s more, with Hosted Services and an internet connection, fee earners can work from anywhere in the world.

Hosted Services has been designed to host your core software applications on dedicated, powerful servers in a highly secure, scalable Data Centre, so there's no need for any expensive server equipment in your firm.

In fact, the only equipment you need to run Hosted Services at your premises is PCs and a broadband connection.

And furthermore, your PCs don't even need to be state of the art!


  • Pay a simple monthly fee per user connecting to the service, thus managing your IT spend efficiently
  • Manage your business growth by simply paying for each additional user as you add them
  • 100% tax deductible
  • Low start-up cost for new practices
  • Fix your costs for 3 years with the fixedprice option
  • Mobile office


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