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Compliance officers now need much better abilities to audit and report on their firm’s working practices – and how to deliver them.
Modern Law Magazine | Emerging business models  
ABSs have arrived and are here to stay. With them comes the emergence of new business models, as both existing firms and new entrants seek to find that something unique that will differentiate them from the competition. Jitendra Valera asks, who will succeed and which business models will survive?
Jitendra Valera considers how technology has shaped legal services over the last decade and how it will continue to do so.
Briefing talks to Jitendra Valera of Advanced Legal about why creating workflows should be so simple, almost anyone can do them – and why it’s so important that they do.
Doug Hargrove, UK Managing Director of Advanced Legal, discusses how law firms must compete following the Legal Services Act.
Mid-tier law firms must invest in the right technology platform if they are to compete effectively in the 21st century, argues Jitendra Valera, chief marketing officer at Advanced Legal.
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