Legal Form Updates TA6 and TA10

New property forms produced by the Law Society of England and Wales will make property transactions easier for sellers and buyers alike.

Following an extensive consultation with the profession, the Property Information Form (TA6) and Fitting and Contents Form (TA10) have been updated to more accurately reflect the information needed by buyers and include some new questions which are common additional enquiries during the conveyancing process.

The revised versions of the forms incorporate vital feedback from the profession including Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) firms, The Law Society’s Property Section, Local Law Societies and other industry stakeholders such as the Council of Mortgage Lenders.

The updated forms are:

TA6 Property Information Form

TA10 Fittings and Contents Form

From this date, the range of TA forms will comprise the following:

TA6 Property Information Form (3rd Edition) (2013)

TA7 Leasehold Information Form (2nd Edition) (2009)

TA8 New Home Information Form (2007)

TA9 Commonhold Information Form (2007)

TA10 Fittings and Contents Form (3rd Edition) (2013)

TA13 Completion Information and Requisitions on Title (2nd Edition) (2011)

The following forms (which related to Home Information Packs) are withdrawn from 13 May:

TA00 Property Information Questionnaire (2009)

TA0 Property Information Questionnaire (New Homes) (2009)

TA1 Home Information Pack Index (2nd Edition) (2009)

TA2 Sale Statement (2007)

TA4 Required Commonhold Information (2007)

TA5 Proof of Requests for Missing Documents and Information (2007)

TA15 Commonhold Information Request (2007)

As such, the TA forms are now licensed as a single suite of forms.

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Save time with Laserform

Forms TA6 and TA10 are frequently prepared at the same time, with Laserform, if you complete the transaction details on page 1 of TA6 and then add TA10 into a bundle, the data will copy over to TA10 (and vice versa) saving you valuable time


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